Many people are looking into purchasing property, whether it is a home for their family or because they are looking to invest in real estate. One of the best ways to purchase a home in 2019 is to look for bank owned homes for sale. Getting a good deal on a home is only the first of many reasons that you may want to buy a property that is bank-owned. You may have already heard about bank-owned properties that are being sold at discounted rates, and may be curious about how this works. There are many reasons that people should be purchasing bank owned homes in 2019. Read on to learn more about the various reasons that you should buy a bank owned home. Orlando REO Professionals I, Inc. is a top advisor regarding the purchase of bank owned homes Orlando residents rely on. Call Orlando REO Professionals I, Inc. today to learn more about purchasing bank owned homes!


Why Bank-Owned Properties Are a Good Deal


Let’s start with the basics. Homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgage loans in the pre-foreclosure stage have the opportunity to pay up and stay put. However, the failure to pay then will lead the bank to foreclose their property and auction it to the highest bidder. The homes that are not sold at auction then officially become bank-owned properties, which are also known as real estate owned properties (REOs). These properties area great fit for some home buyers, as you can see through the following reasons.

  • You deal directly with the bank- You only deal with the bank when purchasing from them, which is a great advantage if you prefer to not have to deal with homeowners. Most of the time REO properties are vacant, so home buyers do not have to deal with tenants reluctant to leave, troubled homeowners, or former owners who are threatening legal action. Moreover, you will not have to deal with a seller reluctant to negotiate for sentimental reasons, as the bank has no emotional attachment to the home. 
  • No Outstanding Property Taxes- Even if the last homeowners stopped paying their property taxes, there shouldn’t be a problem. The bank generally waives any outstanding real estate property taxes due on the property in order to reel in buyers. However, you should still do a title search to be safe. 


Bank Owned Homes Orlando Residents Can Trust


  • Option for a Home Inspection- Unlike properties that are sold at foreclosure auctions, you can ask to personally inspect bank-owned properties prior to closing on a deal. And you definitely should, as REOs are generally homes that are distressed and where the former owners are unlikely to have kept the place up to date or even move-in ready. Serious work will probably need to be done.
  • Buy At a Discount- The biggest reason that most people get interested in bank-owned properties is due to their below-market value prices. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a steal. This is because a lot of repair work generally needs to be done on such homes, and this can get expensive. This is why when looking for bank owned homes for sale, you will want professional help in order to guide you through the process.


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