Are you planning on buying a foreclosed or distressed home? If so, are you aware of all the steps you need to take? At Orlando REO Professionals I, Inc. we have all the tips you need to make this process easy and fast. We specialize in foreclosed homes Orlando. Also, we know all the information you need when it comes to bank owned homes for sale.


Stay On Top of Bank Owned Homes For Sale

The foreclosure crisis has peaked, and now the nation is still in recovery mode. The nation’s foreclosure rate has dropped significantly since its 2010 peak and is now at levels not seen since 2008. With that being said, there are plenty of foreclosure homes available for purchase all throughout the country. These distressed properties abound, from suburban communities to big-city metro areas, and can be had with steep discounts of their fair market value.


The trick is to understand how buying foreclosures are different from buying a traditional, non-foreclosed home.


Our Tips For Foreclosed Homes Orlando

  • Understand the “As-In” Nature
    • When you go to buy a traditional home, you often base your decision on inspections. If there is anything that needs to be done to the home, either systemically, cosmetically, or structurally, you can negotiate for the homeowners to have that work done before you buy


  • Pay Attention to the Timeline
    • How long a home has been on the market can play a big role in negotiating for a better price. This is especially true for foreclosures, since they may have already been to an auction but did not sell. In this case, they are called real estate-owned (REO) homes.


  • Cash Offers Increase Your Chances of Success
    • In many foreclosure auctions, cash is the only way to go. And even if you can pay in other ways, a bank is more likely to sell to you if you can pay in cash than if you have to finance the purchase.


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